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niche market for prefab housing kits in NA encouraged a very unique new design of a panelized wall system that was first to market. Supported by all-inclusive package filling demand for an entirely new product. $10m in only 2 years, all inbound marketing


“Niche & Myopia” are two very special concepts in marketing. I have applied these to all my businesses and when working with others.  I used a Consulting approach to meeting my customers requirements and my own. Educating versus ‘selling’.


personal circumstances led me to a passionate cause for seniors and disabled, a large niche with excellent revenue potential. inventing and receiving  a USA Design Patented product with significant user endorsement and support


took over bankrupt consumer products company, repurposed everything most importantly new innovative product design. Scaling to $18m with elegant design and offering ‘difference’ to niche market with myopic incumbents, large retailers NA


immersed in all aspects of residential building construction succeeding at designing, developing projects with innovative flair. 100’s of sales applying modern marketing techniques to a stodgy stagnant environment. Generated over $15m in sales


Condo property presented a new building opportunity but a more complicated endeavor, different than conventional building of single-family homes. Proved to be more of a challenge than expected and definitely a new learning experience


Exciting career at IBM exposed me to many categories of clients in different industries. Manage large staff supporting customer goals. Managed innovative project installing first IBM POS scanning system in the world leading to thousands chainwide


Several successful businesses exposed me to retail operations as clients selling data processing solutions as well as over $40m in exciting designer product for resale at the largest retailers in NA and other parts of the world.